Indian Lamb Koftas in Spice Tailor Peanut and Tamarind Sauce

Its National Curry Week (13-19 October 2014) and Ive been inspired by TV chef Anjum Anands Spice Tailor chutnis (which is the Hindi word for lick). This recipe uses The Spice Tailor Peanut and Tamarind Chutni, from the Southern Indian region of Andhra. Its perfect to eat with plain rice, Indian breads or even with pasta as a South … Read more

Rustic Baked Lamb and Butternut Squash Parcels

Leftover slow-roast lamb is so versatile. You can use it to make curries, shepherds pie, crispy pitta pockets (watch out for that next week) but today Im making pasties. Well, they started off as pasties, but then I rolled the puff pastry a bit too thin and so had to perform some emergency surgery. So … Read more

Slow cooked Dhal Gosht Lamb and Lentil Curry


I made two batches of this incredibly rich and unctuous curry and gave one to my foodie dad pal (thats his photo, above much better than mine, below). His text message reaction does far more justice to it than I ever could: OMG!! How on earth did you make that? It is awesome. Its like … Read more

Slow-braised lamb neck with gremolata


A couple of weeks ago, me and my Dads Dining Club companions went to Gordon Ramsays Bread Street Kitchen in the City where I had one of the best dishes Id ever tasted: braised lamb neck with gremolata. It was so soft and unctuous, with the powerful richness of the lamb balanced beautifully by the … Read more

Heston Blumenthals Lamb Steak Tapenade


Im gradually working my way through the Heston Blumenthal cookbook for Christmas, and this recipe is a great way to combine my present from the Christmas before last: my trusty sous vide. You dont NEED a sous vide just cook the lamb steaks in a hot frying pan for 2-3 mins each side, but as … Read more

Slow cooked lamb neck with flageolot beans

This is a real winter warmer and very economical. Lamb neck is quite a tough and fatty (and cheap) piece of meat so it lends itself wonderfully to slow cooking.  Flageolot beans are regarded as the caviar of beans (but are only 99p a can!). In this recipe they become very buttery and break down … Read more

Sous Vide Lamb Rump with Cous Cous

Cooking meat in a water bath is a fantastic way to make tough, cheaper cuts of meat incredibly tender. The long, slow cooking process at a very low temperature breaks down the connective tissue that holds the meat together (which is what makes it tough) but without losing any of the juices from the meat. … Read more