Easiest Ever¦Sunday Roast Duck


This really couldnt be simpler. Buy a duck, prick the skin, rub a little salt in. Bung it in the oven. Wait. Done. Love a duck! Serves 4 1 free-range duck, approx. 1.5kgSea salt 1. Preheat the oven to 190C/gas 5. Trim the duck of any excess fat, then place it on a roasting tin … Read more

Balti Chicken with Spinach and Chickpeas


I admit, Ive gone a bit overboard with the SPICES theme to this weeks Recipe Shed. But if a jobs worth doing, its worth going completely over the top in the doing of it. This is an article I wrote for the gloriously delicious Chaat magazine, showcase of the British Curry Club. You have to … Read more

Grilled Lemongrass and Coconut Chicken


Nick Coffer was one of the first bloggers I said Hi to when I started my Chronicles at the beginning of this year. Like me, he became a housedad due to the economic climate. And like me, he loves to cook. Only where I treat my passion as a hobby (the cooking, not the housedadding), … Read more

Healthy New Year Nasi Goreng Noodles


Our quest for healthy eating this month (and this month only) continues with this delicious take on the classic Indonesian dish, Nasi Goreng. Hope you enjoy it. We did! (Btw, this is the first time Ive joined in with @Maris_World  Linky #FoodieFriday. Why not pop over for some other ideas.) Serves 2 4 skinless, boneless … Read more

Saturday Night Southern Fried Chicken (sort of!)


I have a dream recipe for Southern Fried Chicken, which involves 20 ingredients and is as close to the KFC coating as Ive ever tasted.  But that will have to wait for another day. This one was hastily thrown together when I found myself short of inspiration for the kids tea. Its very experimental and … Read more

Celebration Sous Vide Turkey Breast and Trimmings


Were having two Christmas dinners this year on account of the fact that my stepdaughter will be with her dad on the Big Day. We have a complicated family, but it works, and it works because of this: Daisy stays with her dad every weekend and alternate holidays, and every year she spends either Christmas … Read more

Kids Jubilee chicken in crisp lettuce wraps


This is a Jub-ilicious (thanks  to @mustntgrumble for the painful pub!) recipe is a twist on Coronation chicken and my kids love it.  It takes about five minutes to make, and you can use leftover chicken from the Sunday roast. You can any kind of crispy lettuce iceberg, baby gem, cos for the wraps. And … Read more