Rustic Three-Cheese Lasagne

I have @DawnLindsell to thank for the first part of this recipe, and my obsession with cheese for the second part. I know most lasagnes are made with a Bechamel sauce, but Ive always found these too creamy and thus I’ve never been keen on lasagne. Far too sloppy for my liking. However, I thought … Read more

Hestons Chilli Con Carne

Heston Chilli Con Carne. Heston Blumenthal’s recipe for Chilli Con Carne is one of the longest in his new book, Heston at Home, comprising four stages and 30 ingredients. But, hey, I work from home, I’ve got time on my hands, and it keeps me away from the ironing pile. Ive taken short cuts on … Read more

Manchester Rag Pudding (best eaten after beer)

Not so much a recipe, more a work of artisanal art. But still keeping in with the theme of this weeks Recipe Shed: MINCE. This is the great north Manchester delicacy, Rag Pudding, which my dad cooked for me during my visit this week. In a nutshell, its mince, wrapped in suet pastry, which you … Read more

Japanese seared steak salad with ginger and fresh coriander


Whenever my wife gets together with her colleagues, they head for Wagamamas where she has a seared steak salad with ginger. It sounds delicious so Ive tried my own variation on it. The fresh ingredients are very similar, but the dressing is Teryaki as the Wagamama house dressing is apparently a closely guarded secret. Regardless, … Read more

Heston Blumenthals six-hour roast beef

This is the simplest recipe for roast beef you will ever try and also the best. It comes, of course, courtesy of Heston Blumenthal. This is low-temperature cooking, which works on the principle that if you cook meat at less than the 100C boiling point of water, the moisture inside the meat will stay inside … Read more

Steak & Chips with Marmite-Stilton Mushrooms

The secret to the success of this recipe was to not tell my wife there was Marmite in it she hates the stuff. But for me the oozing black treacly yeast extract adds a depth of flavour to savoury dishes that is unsurpassed pure Umami. Ive written about steak and thrice-cooked chips before, so click … Read more

Rich & Sticky Beef Flat-Ribs


Ive been dying to cook these for ages but for some reason theyre not widely available. Thankfully, I have a friendly butcher who sourced some for me and it was well worth the effort. Cooked long and slow, the meat falls off the bone in great, soft, succulent strands. Not so much finger food, but … Read more