Manchester Rag Pudding (best eaten after beer)

Not so much a recipe, more a work of artisanal art. But still keeping in with the theme of this weeks Recipe Shed: MINCE.

This is the great north Manchester delicacy, Rag Pudding, which my dad cooked for me during my visit this week. In a nutshell, its mince, wrapped in suet pastry, which you then cook in its packaging (today, thats sellophane wrapping, but it used to be muslin cloth hence the term Rag Pudding).

I dont have a recipe for it, except to note that it is made of pure ingredients: minced beef, beef suet, salt and pepper. And thats about it. And its bloody gorgeous.

Serve with my dads homemade mushy peas, chips and Harry Ramsdens chip shop curry sauce (or make your own from the katsu recipe I posted two weeks ago) and you have a pretty perfect meal. Works best after five-six pints of Holts bitter!

Feast your eyes¦

Manchester Rag Pudding (best eaten after beer), Lay The Table

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