How To Make Chinese Cold Noodles


Whenever the weather becomes warmer, I feel like eating lighter and more refreshing dishes. After making zaru soba and sampling two delicious cold appetisers (five-spiced beef salad and spicy potato slivers) at Ba Shan last week, I was in the mood for more. So I turned to Ken Hom’s recipe for a street snack, Chinese … Read more

Cantonese Home Cooking


My mother and I haven’t lived together for many years now, so I always look forward to her home-cooked meals. They remind me of my childhood, so when we see each other, I always ask her to cook the same few favourites that I grew up on. I never get bored of them. Every Chinese … Read more

How To Make Sichuan Wontons


Being Cantonese and with a preference for more delicate, subtle flavours, my repertoire of Sichuan dishes is miniscule (dan dan mian, Sichuan hot pot), although I do like to eat in Sichuan restaurants once in a while (Ba Shan, Chilli Cool, Bar Shu, Snazz Sichuan). During my stint in Beijing though, I had no alternative … Read more

How To Make Sichuan Dan Dan Mian


Reading Eileen Wen Mooney’s Beijing Eats a short while ago inspired me to start cooking more Chinese food. I chose to start with dan dan mian, a Sichuan snack dish or ‘xiao chi‘ (small eats) of ‘noodles dressed in a mixture of sesame paste and peanut sauce with a little chilli oil’. According to Eileen, … Read more

What is Sichuan Hot Pot?


In earlier posts, I’ve described how my family and I prepare hot pot at home in How To Make Chinese Hot Pot, and what dipping sauces to use in How To Make Chinese Hot Pot Dipping Sauces. As we are originally Hong Kong Cantonese, our style is  Cantonese, using a more delicate and subtle soup … Read more

How To Make Chinese Steamed Fish


I’m sure you know how much Chinese restaurants charge for Cantonese steamed fish. Rather than spending in excess of £20 to £40 on this one dish, why not prepare it at home instead? It’s really simple, according to my mother, and very healthy for you. You can steam any type of fish, but Chinese people … Read more

How To Make Wonton Noodle Soup


When I was researching restaurants to visit in Hong Kong last year, I came across passionate debates on Chowhound and other forums on where to eat the best Cantonese wonton noodles, focusing on crucial details such as the size of the wonton, the silkiness of the skin, the taste and texture of the filling, and … Read more