Kangaroo Medallions with Tarragon & Mustard Sauce

In Australia, kangaroos are not domesticated for farming but instead range freely on grazing land before being harvested for their meat. The finer cuts fillet, loin, rump can be prepared as steaks. They are deep ruby red with an intense gamey flavour, not dissimilar to venison.  Sliced into medallions and simply pan-fried in foaming butter, … Read more

Pat Chapmans Tandoori Pigeon Breasts

This recipe comes from curry king Pat Chapmans Indian Restaurant Cookbook, one of the first cookery books I ever bought. It is so stained and splashed with spices and crusted dhal that I could quite easily chuck the book itself into a pan and have it for lunch.  But that woudl be foolish. This Tandoori … Read more