Eat in The Metaverse with Your Couple, an Original Date!

Have you ever thought it would be possible to eat in the metaverse with your couple?
Today it is possible, thanks to this new virtual reality world called metaverse.
Inviting your couple to have an original date in the metaverse to go for lunch will surely surprise him or her.
In today’s post we will tell you how you can create unforgettable and romantic moments in a new virtual reality world.

Eating in a virtual restaurant with brain microchips

When we think about eating out in a restaurant, we automatically associate it with a physical environment.
The experience of eating is physical, that’s for sure.
However, we can recreate the eating experience also in a virtual world thanks to brain microchips.
Yes, that’s right!
Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is driving a project to develop brain microchips.
This means that it may be possible to enjoy a meal via electrical impulses from a virtual parallel universe.
So, eat in the metaverse with your couple, it’s almost a reality!

Eat in The Metaverse with Your Couple, an Original Date!, Lay The Table

What can you eat in the Metaverse?

Large fast-food restaurants have been one of the first catering companies to enter the Metaverse.
Companies such as Burger King, Wendy’s or Chipotle have found a market niche here, an ideal space to advertise their brands.
For its part, the U.S. restaurant chain Chipotle even opened a virtual restaurant on Halloween for the video game Roblox.
Users whose avatars attended as diners were rewarded with a promotional code to enjoy a free burrito in the real world.
If you don’t know where to invite your couple for lunch, ask him/her what his/her zodiac sign is, so you can find out what he/she likes.

Eat in The Metaverse with Your Couple, an Original Date!, Lay The Table

How do I pay for food in the metaverse?

In the metaverse you can buy objects or food to be enjoyed by both the avatar and the physical person.
This will be possible with cryptocurrencies or NFT (Non Fungible Tokens).
That is, you can get discount codes, coupons or QRs to use in the real world, at the time of going to the physical establishment or receiving the delivery person at home.
Interesting? Quite interesting.
With the discount code you can pay with the normal currency of the country you are in.

Original dates with your partner, sensory experiences

Having an original date with your couple is part of a sensory experience.
Restaurants in a physical environment can enrich the sensory experience with virtual reality glasses.
The most popular are the ones offered by Microsoft, Hololens2.
With glasses like these, diners will be able to see how the dishes have been prepared or where the ingredients come from.
It is also true that the real experience will become more valuable years from now when life in the metaverse becomes normal.

Eat in The Metaverse with Your Couple, an Original Date!, Lay The Table

Eat in the metaverse with your couple, the future of the hospitality industry.

The metaverse can change foodservice in multiple ways, for example, physical dishes that are integrated into the virtual world resulting in a hybrid model.
They will also offer the possibility of improving loyalty programs.
Marketplaces will be created where apps will no longer be the only virtual channel.
And menus will be adapted to virtual reality.
Definitely, eat in the metaverse with your couple is an experience that you have to live at least once in your life to be able to check the changes that technology brings.

Eat in The Metaverse with Your Couple, an Original Date!, Lay The Table

McDonald’s in the metaverse

The well-known fast food franchise McDonald’s will also create its restaurants in the metaverse to sell food virtually.
You will have two options: Eat in the metaverse with your couple in avatar form or order food through the virtual store in the metaverse to enjoy together at home.
Which do you prefer?
You’d have to live the experience to find out.

I think most will prefer a combination of both options, a bit of virtual reality world combined with real life sensory experiences.
We will keep a close eye on this topic of the new life in the metaverse to be able to analyze if it will really be an experience that will bring us joy.
Did you find this post interesting? Would you like to find a job in any of the restaurants in the Metaverse? Today it is possible!
Share it with others so they can find out about it!

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