25 Quick Healthy Slimming World Lunch Ideas


Again on a diet! If you need to lose a few extra pounds, you like healthy eating, or you train, you will surely love this list of homemade lunches, as it brings many easy and tasty alternatives that you can put into practice. If you want to eat healthy and delicious, but your time is limited … Read more

Homemade Veggie Tamales


The holiday season in Los Angeles means tamales are made by grandmas, mothers, daughters, and sometimes the entire family. Living near a Mexican mercado, the masa and corn husks are displayed in abundance, as the time to bring family together means putting tamales on the table.  I had never made a tamale, but I have certainly … Read more

Authentic Indian Chai Tea {RECIPE}


There are so many different recipes for an authentic Indian chai tea, as many as there are spices it seems. A truly good homemade chai requires a seductive selection of spices and loose leaf black tea. You can alter this recipe to your own liking and create your own version, adding more of one spice … Read more

Make And Cook Your Own Salt Beef


If you put your roast meat in a salt crust, you get a juicy, well-cooked piece of meat that is surprisingly not salty. Serve the roast salt with your favorite vegetables or fried potatoes. It is just perfect to get guests excited about a special meal. Meat lovers should definitely try this salty roast recipe, it is … Read more