How To Make Italian Cauliflower Fritters


Sicilian fried cauliflower recipe I’ve recently started to enjoy eating all kinds of fried things at home. They’re not the healthiest of foods, but once in a while, they’re so delicious and makes a change from all the ‘good’ food we eat, whether it’s soup, lentils or beans. After eating various fried goodies throughout the … Read more

How To Make Roast Pumpkin, Butter & Sage Spaghetti


This simple dish, spaghetti con zucca al burro e salvia, is ‘inspired by’ the delectable tortelli di zucca that we had at Italian Michelin-starred Dal Pescatore six months ago. The pumpkin tortelli, made with amaretti biscuits, is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. As it’s just one of various courses, only five pieces are served, … Read more

How To Make Minestrone Soup


From the vegetarian husband: ‘There are various regional versions of minestrone, and it is usually made using either left-over food or seasonally available produce. With that in mind, I thought I would use one of the fresh allotment-grown marrows that our elderly neighbour has been kindly leaving by the back gate every time he makes … Read more

How To Make Fresh Pesto


Today we’re having relatives over for a simple Sunday lunch. We turned to a trusty favourite of ours that is quick and easy to make – the husband’s fresh pesto, served with pasta. There’s nothing worse than slaving over a hot stove while your guests have to entertain themselves. With this recipe, you hardly need … Read more

How To Make Fresh Tortelloni


Making tortelloni (tortellini). The husband has been busy with the pasta machine again, after a long break from it. Here’s his recipe for home-made tortelloni with spinach and ricotta. This required some effort, but turned out to be one of his top five creations to date! INGREDIENTS: (serves 2) Pasta: 2 cups Tipo ‘00? flour … Read more

How To Make Fresh Egg-free Pasta


Here, after a bit of nagging on my part, is the recipe from the vegetarian husband, for egg-free pasta. It’s the culmination of weeks of testing the new Imperia pasta machine, the result of our recent foodie trip to Bologna, Italy. In his own words: ‘In Italy most people eat pasta ‘scuitto‘ as their everyday … Read more

Changing The Way We Eat (+ Spaghetti with Marmite recipe)


I’ve been eating out rather too much lately and suffering the consequences. The waistline has expanded, while the wallet has contracted. On the other hand, the kitchen cupboards are so well stocked that the husband and I could survive a Siberian winter. So after recently booking a ‘traveleating‘ trip to Japan in November, I decided … Read more

Quick & Simple: Pea & Courgette Risotto Soup


This recipe for pea and courgette risotto soup is the first from the Quick & Simple Series, new to Lay The Table. I’ve outlined the reasons behind this series in Essentials for Quick & Simple Recipes, but the main thing to bear in mind is that I don’t plan to spend more than 30 minutes … Read more

Essentials for Quick & Simple Recipes


Over the next few months, I plan to build up a handy collection of Quick & Simple recipes. My goal is to spend no more than 30 minutes in the kitchen, while cooking from scratch and using as many fresh ingredients as possible. After a long day at work, speed and simplicity are of the … Read more