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Italian recipes

How To Make Fresh Pesto

Today we’re having relatives over for a simple Sunday lunch. We turned to a trusty favourite of ours that is quick and easy to make - the husband’s fresh pesto, served with pasta. There’s

How To Make Fresh Tortelloni

Making tortelloni (tortellini). The husband has been busy with the pasta machine again, after a long break from it. Here’s his recipe for home-made tortelloni with spinach and ricotta. This

How To Make Fresh Egg-free Pasta

Here, after a bit of nagging on my part, is the recipe from the vegetarian husband, for egg-free pasta. It’s the culmination of weeks of testing the new Imperia pasta machine, the

How To Make Mushroom Risotto

The husband loves making risotto. It’s so easy to prepare, and as it all goes into one pan, there’s little washing-up for me to do afterwards, so I love it too. On our recent trip to

James Wong’s Nettle Pesto

I’ll start by declaring that I’m an ardent fan of ethnobotanist James Wong, his BBC series Grow Your Own Drugs and the accompanying book, which I bought before the TV series had even