Kenwood Christmas Menu – Turkey & stuffing wellington

Turkey stuffing wellington from the front

It’s the last week of the Kenwood Christmas blogging series and I have to say this week I have really come up trumps – I know the other lovely bloggers have got some great recipes up their sleeves and you can click on links for them at the bottom of this post! This week’s theme is “the main event” – the centrepiece of the Christmas table.

Now obviously it’s traditional to have turkey and that’s all very well but I decided to take a slight detour from the main route and combine turkey with an alternative Christmas meal. My friend Hilary always has beef wellington on Christmas day and I wondered whether it would be possible to make a turkey wellington. A beef fillet is perfect for a wellington owing to its shape – a turkey breast however is not. But I had a really good feeling that a Christmas stuffing would be perfect to stuff inside the tenderised breast meat. Add in a bit of cranberry stuffing and wrap it in parma ham and add a layer of chestnuts (instead of chestnut mushrooms, see what I did there?) and you’re good to go.

Turkey stuffing wellington whole

The best bit is you can prep most of it the day before, so on the day you can just pull it out of the fridge and stick it in the oven. It looks stunning on the table and tastes great – it has quite a sweet flavour owing to the apricots and cranberry sauce. The meat is juicy – no dry or undercooked meat in sight!

The Kenwood Titanium Chef helps make the preparation so much easier – I could blend all the necessary parts of the stuffing in the food processor and then mixed it all together using the mixer. I was really surprised at how good it was at blending the sage leaves – my other food processor is nowhere near as good! I also used the food processor to pulse the chestnuts once I’d managed to peel them! A word to wise, buy them prepared – tinned or frozen. I have never used them before so wasn’t aware of what a fiddle they are!

Turkey stuffing wellington slice


For the stuffing

  • ½ onion
  • Small knob of butter
  • 1 slice of white bread
  • 80g dried apricots
  • 300g sausagemeat / 4-5 regular sized sausages with skins removed
  • 25g dried cranberries
  • 1 medium egg
  • 12 sage leaves
  • Salt & pepper

Other things you’ll need

  • 1 roll of puff pastry
  • 8 slices of parma ham
  • 1 turkey breast (mine was 340g)
  • 3tbsp cranberry sauce
  • 70g chestnuts shelled
  • A nob of butter
  • 3 sprigs of thyme
  • 1 egg
  • A splash of milk
  • You’ll also need a meat tenderiser or a rolling pin


  1. Place the cranberries in small bowl and cover with hot water. Leave for 10 minutes then drain.
  2. Make the breadcrumbs – blend in the processor until you make fine crumbs. Remove and place in the Kenwood Chef mixing bowl.
  3. Blitz the onion in the food processor until fine but if you like bigger pieces then just blitz it less. Place the onions and butter in a frying pan over a medium heat and soften for about 3 minutes then leave to cool.
  4. Put apricots in food processor and pulse 3 or 4 times. Add to the mixing bowl.
  5. Place sage leaves in the food processor and blend until fine. Place in the mixing bowl.
  6. Add the sausagemeat, onions, cranberries, egg and a good dash of salt and pepper to the mixing bowl and mix using the K paddle until well blended.
  7. Spread out a large piece of cling film and place the turkey breast on top. Place another piece of cling film on top. Using the meat tenderiser on the smooth side/rolling pin, bash the meat until it’s about 5/6mm thick. Remove the top piece of cling film. Spread the cranberry sauce over the top of the turkey.
  8. Place the stuffing mix along the centre – make sure you can seal the turkey around it without leaving any gaps. Tuck the ends up, then using the cling film to help you, roll the meat together making sure it’s all sealed. Roll the cling film tightly around it and twist the ends up. Chill in the fridge while you prepare the next phase.
  9. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C fan
  10. Lay out 6 slices of parma ham on a piece of cling film with the long sides overlapping each other. Remove the turkey roll from fridge and place on top. Using the cling film to help, pull up it up over the turkey and wrap it over. There will probably be a gap – the ends of the parma ham won’t meat, so use the remaining two slices to cover the top and ends. Press it all together so it’s sealed.
  11. Take a large piece of foil and place the turkey roll in the middle. Pull the long sides together and roll down tight then twist the ends and pull up over the top.
  12. Place on a roasting rack in a tin and cook for 1 hour. Remove from the oven and leave for 20 minutes wrapped in foil, then open the foil, drain any excess juices and leave to cool.
  13. Once cool, wrap in cling film and place in the fridge. You can either leave it overnight now or leave to chill for an hour before the pastry part.
  14. Place the chestnuts in the food processor and blend until they ressemble fine breadcrumbs. Place the chestnuts in a pan with the butter. Remove the leaves from thyme and add that to the pan and fry for three minutes. Then leave to cool.
  15. Take the puff pastry and cut a strip one third of the width of the long side. Place a layer of chestnuts on the bottom leaving a strip 1cm wide around the edge. Place the turkey roll on top.
  16. Very gently roll the puff pastry to slighty increase the length of the long side – not too much though! Crack the egg in a bowl and add the splash of milk and whisk together a little. Take a pastry brush and brush the bare edges of the base pastry piece. Carefully place the large piece of pastry over the top gently, tucking the turkey roll in and pushing the edges together to seal.
  17. Trim excess pastry – I left about 2-3cm around the edge. If you have any leftover pastry, you could make a decoration for the top.
  18. Grease a baking tray and place the turkey wellington on it. Chill in fridge overnight or for at least one hour. Store the egg wash for use later.
  19. Pre-heat the oven to 200°C fan
  20. Remove the turkey wellington from the fridge and brush with egg wash all over. Cook for 30 minutes until the pastry is golden.

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This is a sponsored post. Kenwood provided me with a Kenwood Chef Titanium.

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    What a fabulous alternative to a beef Wellington, which, is what I made for my main event menu! I have made vegetarian Wellington before, and I nearly made that for my post, but, my husband who is a big red meat eater was clamouring for beef, so beef it was! Yours is just magnificent and I am sure that it would be greeted with enthusiasm at the family table in Christmas Day. I have loved your recipes for the Kenwood Christmas menu and have a wonderful happy Christmas and a lovely New Year! Karen xxx

  2. says

    This looks fabulous. I was thoroughly disapointed with my effort this time and will be revising in due course. This, however, is definitely one I will be trying

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