Mini Mug Pops

Mini Mug Pops, Lay The Table Have you ever visited Lindsay Ann’s blog, Dollhouse Bake Shoppe?  If not, you’re really missing out on an overload of cuteness, if there is such a thing. (Did I ever tell you that my H.S. psychology teacher, Mr Wagner, told me and my friends that we had a “high cuteness factor” because we were constantly calling “everything”, cute!?!  Well, he did:) Lindsay Ann’s tiny mugs of hot chocolate were the inspiration for my Cup o’ Cocoa Cake.  I find it very fun making small things big, and big things small:)
Mini Mug Pops, Lay The Table  Aren’t they cute adorable!?!

Mini Mug Pops (Dollhouse Bake Shoppe)


Regular size marshmallows Chocolate melts, chocolate chips or chocolate frosting Peppermint Lifesavers (Lindsay Ann used a marshmallow to fashion the handle, but I had these Lifesavers on hand, and decided to use them.) Assorted sprinkles White jimmies (not pictured on plate) Craft sticks Royal icing or white frosting


1.  With a small, sharp knife, make a tiny slit in the bottom of the marshmallow and insert the stick about half way up. 2.  Using a toothpick dab a tiny bit of royal icing onto the sprinkles to adhere to the front of the mug for decoration. 3.  With a serrated bread knife, gently cut the Lifesavers in half with a sawing motion, dab a bit of royal icing on the cut ends and adhere it to the side of the mug.  You may want to hold it there for a few seconds to make sure it holds. 4.  Melt the chocolate and with a decorating bag and tip add a circle of the chocolate to the top of the marshmallow, not all the way to the edge (leave a rim). 5.  While the chocolate is still wet, add the white jimmies (break into pieces) to the top of the hot chocolate as the marshmallows. 6.  You may also add a tiny bit of white icing as whipped cream on top of the chocolate (I am going to do that the second time around), and a candy cane sprinkle too:)

These little cuties can be used for stirring your real mug of hot chocolate, or just eat as a treat.

Thanks for all of the inspiration, Lindsay Ann!

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