Saucy Fish Co review

Saucy Fish Co Fish Cakes in boxes

I’ve heard of the Saucy Fish Co before but as we don’t really go to Tesco where their product is stocked (it’s the other side of the city for us) I’ve never really thought about buying their stuff. As some of you may be aware, I’ve also never really been into fish (a horrific memory of Lowestoft fish market aged 10) but have got into it more recently since Mr Lay the table demanded I stop being so fussy and also thanks to the fabulous fish business Fish&, I’m not eating all sorts of tasty fish combinations. But anyway, back to Saucy Fish Co…They sent me an email asking if I wanted to try their fish and I thought to myself, why not? I had a look on their website and there were lots of tasty fish meals and I wanted in.

Considering how huge our Tesco’s Extra is up here they had a surprisingly poor selection of Saucy Fish Co products. I don’t want to get all monay about how we never get any good stuff in the North because that’s simply not true. I did manage to buy two different types of fish cakes (2 for a fiver) AND some salmon fillets AND extra sauce all for just over a tenner.

We try not to buy too many ready meals here. It’s not that we’re THAT food snobby in the house, it’s usually because we can make it better than what we buy. Fishcakes are a bit more challenging and time consuming though. We tried the smoked haddock and Davidstow cheddar fishcakes with some potatoes from Daddy Lay the table’s veg patch and some peas. A simple fish supper by all accounts but it was a Monday! The outside of the fishcake had a great crunch to it – a good layer of crunch too. Whenever I’ve seen fishcakes before they’ve always got that horrid artificial orange hue to it but not these ones. The cheddar and smoked haddock worked wonderfully together – there was a good amount of cheese sauce, I think I might’ve liked a tiny bit more but at least we didn’t lose out on a load of fish to make way for the sauce. I was quite disappinted we only had one each. I would’ve easily traded in the veg on my plate for another one!

Saucy Fish Co fishcake cut open

Later in the week we tried the salmon and hollandaise fish cakes – also great because it nice big chunks of salmon in it. Perhaps it’s just that salmon has a more meaty texture anyway. We weren’t sure which one we liked more, they both have their merits. We popped the salmon fillets in the freezer for a later date.

Saucy Fish Co salmon fillets with watercress sauce

I love all the Saucy Fish Co branding and their website is pretty awesome too (particularly with my web designer hat on!) – that’s where you find out about all their products too. Check out Saucy Fish Co online or stop by Tesco to pick some up!


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    Those look yummy! I don’t mind buying pre-made fish cakes like that because making them means to committing to having your house smell really fishy for like two days

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