Nature Valley Sweet And Nutty Bars

Holding a Nature Valley Sweet And Nutty Bar in almond

When I told Mr LTT that we were getting some Nature Valley bars to review he grimaced. Sometimes I think he thinks that HE is the food blogger in this relationship. He is just the freeloading taste-tester, plus one restaurant attendee and ancillary reviewer…it’s a good job I ignore his opinion a lot of time 😉

So when got stuck into huge supply of these bars that arrived, I was pleasantly surprised how good these bars actually were (and so was Mr LTT). There’s two flavours of Nature Valley Sweet And Nutty available: almond and peanut. They’re like rice crispy bars with what I thought was a yoghurty base but is described as “a smooth layer of nuttiness”, which really makes the bars I think.

Nature Valley Sweet And Nutty Barrs in peanut and almond

They’re a great mid-morning snack as the toasted oats and nuts are great for keeping your energy levels up with slow release energy. They’re chewy (unlike, I’m told the rest of their bars which are very crunchy) and I found it hard to resist just having 1 (I was trying the different flavours to give a thorough review ok?!). My favourite were the almond ones but the peanut ones are also delicious and have bags of flavour. You’ll love them particularly if you’re a peanut butter fan!

Nature Valley Sweet And Nutty Bars are available in the supermarket now!


  1. jean neil says

    I have loved your cereal bars since you first bought them out and didn’t think you could better the maple syrup ones, but, the sweet and nutty almond have capped them all. They are to die for. Thankyou

  2. Stephen Godwin says

    I purchased a pack of sweet and nutty a couple of months ago. The name Nature Valley and the packaging caught my eye. After reading the info I bought a pack, I thougherly enjoyed the first bar and had to eat another, after the third bar I had to force myself not to carry on. The next day I thought I would have another bar only to find they had all gone, my wife took an immediate liking to them and ate the rest. Now I buy 2 packs every week, I give my wife a pack and hide the other pack in my car. My wife thinks I only bought one pack and shares them with me. Success at last.

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