Guinness peanuts and cashews


My god, it’s been a crazy few days here at LTT HQ. Last week I didn’t post because my friend came over and we went out to Homage To Fromage – a veritable all-you-can-eat cheese buffet. This month’s theme was french cheese and I scoffed down on Langres, Morbier and Compte. Then I was in London at the weekend and having woken up on Saturday morning, discovered I had lost my 4 day old Samsung Galaxy S3….with quite food pictures I was going to use for the blog. It’s fine I thought, I’ll call the taxi company and the taxi driver will have handed it in. Now…I’ll set the scene: it was a somewhat rowdy night and when my friend and I left the disco-fog filled nightclub in Brixton it was chucking it down. We stood under a bridge and eventually managed to order to take us back to Battersea. The taxi pulled up after about 5 minutes thankfully, as they said they were going to be 15 minutes and I got my phone out and focused on the screen using my “good eye” to get the address, and we got back fine. Now I must’ve not put the phone back in the bag properly because I couldn’t find it the next day. We called the taxi company and it turns out we didn’t pick up the taxi we ordered, but an unlicenced taxi. So no-one has handed in my phone – I’ve reported it to the police, my phone company and I’ve been trying to track it online but no-one has turned the phone on. Luckily Mr LTT put a pin on it so no-one can get on it. However, I didn’t get insurance with my phone. Fortunately, a call to my bank on Monday and they have got it all covered for me with insurance that comes with my account. There’s not many times you’ll catch me saying how much I love the bank but this time I actually mean it! Only a £30 excess, but I’m playing the waiting game for all the documents to come through so I can get a replacement. For now, I feel like my hand has been cut off – no phone calls, no Instagram, no Platter. It sucks big time. So anyway, that’s my life in the past week, hopefully yours will have been most excellent. And do you know what? I still had a pretty good time hanging out with my friends!

Guinness Nuts packaging

Moving on, I was sent these new Guiness peanuts. I was a bit worried about them coming as I’m not exactly an avid drinker of Guinness. But the cashew and peanut mix is steak AND Guinness flavour. They’ve got some pretty posh packaging (those nuts on the front have been finished in spot UV to give it a shiny look whilst the rest of the packaging is matte) too.

The nuts are double roasted to give them a full flavour – I definitely noticed that when I tasted them. There’s a good steaky flavoured punch with a subtle hint of Guinness but not overpowering. The Guinness really brings out the steak flavour – it’s like a flame-grilled Guinness marinated steak (if such a thing exists) I was photographing them and took a nibble, then kept creeping back to the bowl for more. Before I knew it, they were nearly all gone. So much for taking some into work for my colleagues. The nuts come in 90g bags which are apparently for sharing. There was not much sharing in this house, that’s for sure. Definitely a good pub-based snack over a couple of pints of the dark stuff.

They’re available in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose now priced at £1.99. Hopefully you’ll be able to get them in pubs soon too!

Dislaimer: I was sent these items for free to review. I did not receive compensation other than the free nuts for this post


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    Oh no, I would be so upset if I lost my phone. I have the S2 and love it. How come the bank covered it. I figure I may also need this information one day, although I hope not.

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