Eat 17 Bacon Jam

I’m absolutely mad for this stuff right now. It makes my sandwiches complete. Well, it did until I came home and found the empty jar abandoned on the kitchen worktop. Mr Ltt had pingled the last serving!

Eat 17 bacon jam jar

I picked this jar of Eat 17’s Bacon Jam up in Adnam’s Cellar and Kitchen shop and having read about Niamh’s Bacon Jam I was very eager to try it. When I opened the jar it didn’t look especially appetising but the smell of sage wafted out and I spread it hungrily onto a freshly baked slice of bread. I finished the slice, and went back for me. This was bacon love!

Eat 17 Bacon Jam inside the jar

It tastes nothing like I think Niamh’s version would taste like. It actually reminds me of pork stuffing! It perks up every sandwich I’ve had it with (pastrami & salad being my favourite pairing). When I looked it up on the internet, I found you can actually subscribe to Bacon Jam on Amazon, so you won’t run out! This is a genius plot idea.

Eat 17 Bacon Jam on bread slice

Mummy Ltt called me the other day and said she was popping into Holt where her local Cellar and Kitchen is so I demanded requested she pick some up for me and I will soon be enjoying some more with burgers and maybe cheese on toast!

You can find out more about Bacon Jam on their website. I wasn’t sponsored to write this or anything, I just REALLY really like this stuff!


  1. Sarah Maison Cupcake says

    The boys in my local Walthamstow Spar are behind this! They started by selling burgers with it in their restaurant Eat 17 next door. There’s an earlier recipe for it on Not Quite Nigella though with jars of this round the corner I’ve never had the urge to make it. I spotted green labelled fig bacon version on sale in Selfridges by same label last week.

    • Becs says

      No way! It’s absolutely amazing. I was really quite cross when I found the jar empty on the side – no attempt to hide the evidence.

  2. says

    The subscription service surprises me, but bacon is very fashionable right now and comes in a thousand different varieties. If you like bacon, you were born in the correct decade.

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