Hot chocolate spoons from Le Comptoir de Mathilde

Hot chocolate spoons from Savour Chocolate Le Comptoir de Mathilde

I hate the winter, I’ll be honest. I can’t get enough of the hot weather. One downside of hot weather is you can’t really have hot drinks and this is the only thing I can be thankful to winter for. For me, the seasons are marked by what I’m drinking: Summer officially begins at the first Pimm’s and winter begins with the first mulled wine.

There’s a new favourite tipple in town though and it fulfils my desire for chocolate too! These hot chocolate spoons make THE most amazing hot chocolate in your own home. They’re from a online shop called Le Comptoir de Mathilde and you can buy them in packs of 3. They come in several delicious flavours, my favourites being the salted caramel and white chocolate and strawberry flavours. You just heat up some milk, pop of these in and give them a good stir. I like it when just a bit of chocolate is left on the spoon and you can nibble it off.

My mum’s been buying these individually from (and I quote) “The sweet shop in East Dereham” (FYI, that’s in Norfolk) so you can pop in and buy them there. Otherwise you can buy them from the website: Hot Chocolate Spoons on Le Comptoir de Mathilde.

Really, don’t miss out on these, they are absolutely amazing plus they’d make a great little stocking filler for any foodie this Christmas!


  1. Pauline says

    You can get similar from a UK site – Whittards online, they dont do salted caramel but they do have Cointreau! They have fab choc drinks too, with about 20 different flavours

  2. laura B says

    where is this sweet shop in East Dereham? or do you know who stocks these spoons? thinking of having the as wedding favours

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