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Sponsored Post: Do you suffer from smartphone envy?

Sponsored Post: Do you suffer from smartphone envy?, Lay The Table

There is one thing in the world I love more than my wife, and it is my wifes smartphone (only joking, dear, put the kettle on and calm down).

And there is a great irony to this phone envy because before I introduced her to it, she was happy with a very basic dial-and-text handset that had all the visual appeal of a housebrick and weighed about as much. In days gone by, shed scoff up her sleeve as I chatted in cyberspace on my iPhone 4 with my pals on Twitter, branding me a pathetic sad loser (which, to be fair, shed done even before I had a mobile).

She even condemned my obsession with using the camera function to photograph anything and everything for posterity, saying: œIf you lose the phone, you lose all those memories. Much better to use a camera and get the pictures developed. But then, her house brick died on her and with it, every phone number and address shed ever had. And so she was forced, kicking and screaming, into the second decade of the 21st century.

But instead of buying a basic smartphone, she had to go one better than Im Indoors and got herself a top-of-the-range iPhone 4s.

And just to make sure I would never think of nicking it, shes covered it with a shocking pink case!Oh, how I lust after that thing. Not because it does all the things that my phone does the phoning, the texting, the online browsing, the app-downloading but because it does the one thing I aspire to do more than anything else: it takes absolutely amazing photos.

The proof of this can be seen in the food photography on my Recipe Shed. Im embarrassed to say it, but many of my shots are a little soft focus, a touch grainy. Theyve been taken with my own iPhone 4, which has a 5 megapixel camera.

Sponsored Post: Do you suffer from smartphone envy?, Lay The Table

Chicken scallopini: With my iPhone 4

This frustrates me, so sometimes I beg my wife to let me use her 8 megapixelled model and the results are infinitely superior.

Sponsored Post: Do you suffer from smartphone envy?, Lay The Table

Lamb neck tikka: With my wifes iPhone 4s

As luck would have it, its my birthday at the end of this month. And my wife subscribes to my blog! I have it on good authority that Carphone Warehousesells them. Thats a hint, dear!

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