Tiny Turkey Pops

Tiny Turkey Pops, Lay The Table

(Don’t look too closely at my beat-up, wooden turkey lollipop holder.  It was a 50-cent garage sale find.:))

This turkey cookie business all started last year with the funny and creative Shelly (Cups and Cookies) and her adorable oreo turkey pops. After seeing them, I made a GIANT turkey cookie with my cookie cake pan. It was so fun!

This year I switched gears, putting it in reverse, to make teeny, tiny oreo turkey pops using mini oreos:)

Tiny Turkey Pops, Lay The Table

I think he’s pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Due to his small size he can be eaten in one bite!  How’s that for built in portion control?

Tiny Turkey Pops, Lay The Table

Here’s everything you’ll need, well almost.  I accidently left out the royal icing that I used to hold the two cookie wafers together, and everything else too:) A small sharp knife is also used.

mini Turkey Pops


mini oreos

pretzel sticks

m&m’s regular sized candies, multi colored

candy coated sunflower seeds, multi-colored

candy corn (color the tips with orange edible marker and cut off with small knife)

small white confetti sprinkles (place a black dot in the center of each with a black edible marker)

black and orange edible markers

royal icing

4-inch lollipop sticks

paring knife


Take mini oreos and separate the wafers, being careful to leave the cream in the center undisturbed(I used a small paring knife to help with this). You will eventually put the two cookie wafers(with creme attached)together.

Add some royal icing to a cookie wafer, around the edge on top of the creme, and add (firmly, but gently) different colored candy coated sunflower seeds (turkey feathers) across the top.

Cut the tips of the pretzel sticks to about 1/2-inch and place firmly at the bottom of the open cookie for the legs.

Add a small amount of royal icing to the top part of a lollipop stick and place it between the pretzels, to the middle of the creme cookie.

Place a little dab of royal icing on the middle of the creme side of the second cookie and place on the prepared cookie half(with the seeds,pretzels).

Put a dab of royal icing on the plain side of an m&m candy and place on the middle of the oreo cookie. 

Take two of the white confetti sprinkles and put a dot in the middle of each with the black edible marker(I use AmeriColor Gourmet Writers). 

Place two small dots of royal icing on the m&m and carefully place the confetti sprinkles on the royal icing dots, for the eyes.

Use the orange edible marker to color the tip of the candy corn.  Cut the tip off with a paring knife.

Dab a small amount of royal icing on the cut side of the candy corn and place it vertically below the eyes, for the beak.

After this post was almost over and done with, I realized that I left the turkey wattle off of the pops. I will add them, but as far as the post/photos, I am done:)  If you want to add them , just tint some of the royal icing red and add it to the side of the beak:)

Let the pops dry completely.

Tiny Turkey Pops, Lay The Table

Have fun and enjoy!

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