Hi, I am Norbert Lacle former internacional chef and vice president of AB Universal LLC. I have found that cooking calms me down and relaxes me (at least mostly, sometimes it drives me crazy!) And that it even makes me happy and satisfied from time to time. Is not that great? The french fries child is at the stove and grins like a honey cake horse over his own sauce!

About, Lay The Table

I’m already at my goals. We men always need goals, because we can’t even do something just like that.  ( thanks to my wife Yeszenia for her extraordinary help!)

Goals – exactly! I would like

  • learn to be a better chef
  • can cook really tasty at some point even without a recipe
  • use good products
  • eat healthy and varied
  • eat less meat!

The use of good products is particularly important to me. Meat, poultry, fish are available today in every discounter and supermarket at ridiculously low prices and often enough I have resorted to these cheaply manufactured products.

As a passionate meat lover, of course, meat had to be put on the table almost every day and since I unfortunately didn’t stash millions under my pillow, this was only possible with correspondingly cheap meat. Daily meat should be a thing of the past! There is meat now and then, but in good quality. Out of respect for animals and out of respect for producers who still produce food with care, passion and love.

Now I have really chatted enough and throw myself into the kitchen in a happy mood!