Simple Smoked Tandoori Chicken, Lay The Table

Simple Smoked Tandoori Chicken

The spice blends Ive used in this dish were created by Dan Toombs aka The Curry Guy. If you fancy giving them a try, theyre available through his excellent blog. I bought these a couple of months ago and they have served me very well indeed: this is the sixth of seventh dish Ive made using his unique smoky spices range. 

Simple Smoked Tandoori Chicken, Lay The Table

These Smoked Tandoori Chicken pieces are a doddle to make. Just bash up some ginger and garlic in a pestle and mortar, combine it with some yoghurt and lemon juice, add a tsp each of Smoked Tandoori Powder and Smoked Spicy Salt, add skinless chicken pieces (I used thighs and drumsticks) and leave to marinate in the fridge for a couple of hours. Cook them under a hot grill for approx. 20 mins until the juice run clear once prodded with a metal skewer. I served these with an Eddoe & Coconut Curry and Chaptis brushed with warm Ghee. However, Id go for Lemon Dhal next time.

Simple Smoked Tandoori Chicken, Lay The Table


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