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Thai Lamb Pasties

These Thai Lamb Pasties are a fantastic twist on the traditional variety. The pastry is light and crisp and the filling fragrant and delicately spicy. Make them nice and small and…

Scrag End of Lamb Biryani

Scrag end is an ugly but incredible piece of meat but you have to work to reap the benefits. Its the clump of vertebrae immediately behind the lambs skull. Once youve removed the lamb…

Lamb, Orange & Mint Keema Curry

When I first read this recipe on John Claytons Files and Records blog I wasnt convinced that the combination of lamb, orange and mint would work, but I was spectacularly wrong. Tis curry…

Barts Smokey Chipotle Lamb Cutlets

Ive got my hands on a few of Barts new Smokehouse Barbecue meat rubs to review over the next few weeks. Now, Im quite a fan of Bart- my spice rack is rammed with their single spices