Sombrero (Kahlua & Cream)

Sombrero cocktail is a wonderful way to enjoy Kahlua with milk. It is an easy to mix drink and perfect for an after dinner cocktail or when you just want a soft and light drink.

It really isn’t much simpler than adding a shot of coffee liquor to a short glass of milk on the rocks. That is essentially all that the Hat is and is a casual drinking pleasure.

As with all drinks, there are a few substitutions that can be made. If you prefer, use a coffee brandy like that from Maine producer Allen’s. Also, if you want to make your hat a little thicker, choose the cream over the milk.

No matter how you end up taking your Hat, it is a fabulous drink. Think of it as a slight variation on Russian white. Mix and enjoy!

Sombrero (Kahlua & Cream), Lay The Table

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