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Woodland Santa Gingerbread Cookies

Woodland Santa Gingerbread Cookies, Lay The Table Ever since I spied Haniela’s darling sleeping Santa cookies last year, I have wanted to make something similar…a gnome-like or woodland themed cookie, and I finally did it:) I was blog-hopping and came upon the fabulous Chickabug blog! There I found a felt Christmas ornament round-up, which included a link to another fantastic blog, Revoluzzza, and there it was…an adorable Santa ornament! The blog owner refers to the ornament as “Last Minute Santa”, but I don’t think I am nearly as talented to make these at the “last minute”:)
Woodland Santa Gingerbread Cookies, Lay The Table I added a hat to the Santas because mine did not look quite as cute without hair as the stitched version did. Initially I tried to add icing stitches along their heads, but  that was a fail. The little hats saved the day! Whew!
Woodland Santa Gingerbread Cookies, Lay The Table  With closer inspection of the felt ornaments, I noticed that they were each topped with a bead, so I added a colored m&m candy to the top of each.  I can’t decide whether I like them with or without the candy.  One thing I do know, next time I will bake them with a hole at the top and hang them as a garland:) How cute would that be!?!
Woodland Santa Gingerbread Cookies, Lay The Table  A heartfelt thanks to Hani, for her continual baking and decorating inspiration, and to Revoluzzza for her amazing, inspiring stitchery!

For the Cookies:

I used my favorite gingerbread recipe, which is HERE on my blog, and royal icing which is also on my blog, HERE. I made a template for each cookie by printing a photo of the ornaments, tracing it onto paper and then cutting out a template using a file folder.  Each cookie is about 4.5-inches tall and is a little over 2-inches at the widest part. To tint the icing, I used AmeriColor Super Red, and for the blue, Wilton Sky Blue. The flower above each Santa is a snowflake sprinkle with a dot of icing in the middle, and the white ball at the end of each cap is a sugar pearl. I love my woodland Santa Cookies, and they really are yummy too! Linked to:

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Woodland Santa Gingerbread Cookies, Lay The Table



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