Pinktober-Mactweets Macattack

Well, I am going to sound like a broken record…Mac failure again. I really did try, but I am obviously doing something wrong.  I took the advice of Bonnie (and others) and used the Ottolenghi method.  I also followed the mini tutorial on Bonnie’s blog.  BTW, my mac failure had nothing to do with their instruction!  They obviously know how to do it right! 🙂 Thanks, Cristie and Bonnie!  I could tell that my macs weren’t going to be quite right even as  I put them in the oven, because they were so flat.  After about ten minutes I was very excited when I peered through the oven window and saw FEET! My excitement was short-lived.  I tried to give them ample time to bake, but they just wouldn’t firm up!  Consequently, they kind of “fell” in the middle.  I also realized that in my excitement to put them in the oven I forgot to remove the macaron(paper) template-Oops! I let them cool completely, but they would NOT come off of the parchment, no matter which method I tried.  Long story macs this month.
Pinktober-Mactweets Macattack, Lay The Table A few of these look passable, but some are sinking in the middle..just like my spirits did.
Pinktober-Mactweets Macattack, Lay The Table My pale pink macs refused to come off of the parchment paper! Kind of frustrating, and a bit disheartening:( There’s always next month, right? 🙂

Anyway, enough whining!  Let’s get to the real reason for this month’s challenge being coined Pinktober.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and pink is the color,  particularly pink ribbons. The pink ribbon is a reminder to women everywhere that early detection is a key to survival where breast cancer is concerned.

Breast cancer has touched my family many times.  When I was a child, my aunt(my mom’s sister) died of breast cancer in her thirties. My mother also had breast cancer when I was about eight years old (she was about 38), but thankfully survived.  Then, years later, my aunt ( another of mom’s  sisters) also succumbed to breast cancer in her early seventies. I’m so grateful that my mother survived breast cancer and was able to help her four children grow up and be there to meet each of her grandchildren. My children don’t really remember her because they were all very young when she passed away at the age of 59 from ovarian cancer. Their grandma sure loved them! Pinktober-Mactweets Macattack, Lay The Table XOXO, Sue

Visit the MacTweet blog to see some successful macarons! Thanks Deeba and Jamie for hosting!

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