Bunny Buns Cookie Bites

Bunny Buns Cookie Bites, Lay The Table 

I am all for easy lately, and that’s just what this cookie is!  It involves a 1.5-inch round cookie cutter, sugar cookie dough, white royal icing, and white mini marshmallows…that’s it!  See, I told you it was easy:) 

I am also lovin’ the bite-size, built in portion control of these mini cookies. And speaking of easy, their size does make them a little too easy to pop into my mouth:)

Bunny Buns Cookie Bites, Lay The Table

The surface area of each cookie is so small that you can have a whole batch of bunny buns decorated in no time at all!

Most likely,  I’m going to pack these tiny treats into jars with a cute ribbon and a “bunny buns” tag of some sort. I hope the munchkins will like them.  I think they have a high cuteness factor:) 

Hopefully your munchkins will like them too!

Bunny Buns Cookie Bites

2.  Roll out the cookie dough.

3.  Cut out all of the cookies using the mini, round cutter and place on the baking sheet. 

4.  Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes.  (Mine actually took about 13 min., but I roll them out on the think side.) Let cookies cool.

5.  Using a #4 tip, apply the white royal icing to the cookies.  

(It’s your choice whether you want to outline the “buns” first and then fill them in, or just do it all at once…Depends on your preference and the consistency of your icing.  It worked out better for me to outline them first.)

6.  Apply the mini marshmallows on the cookies as you decorate.  I filled the cookies two at a time, and gently placed the mini marshmallow “tails” accordingly. If you prefer you could fill all the cookies with royal icing, and add the tails later with a dab of royal icing. 

I only used a portion of this batch of cookie dough for the bunny buns and made 5 dozen. This particular recipe could make at least 3 times that many. I’m going to make more!

Have Fun!

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