Sweet Chilli Ketchup Burger, Lay The Table

Sweet Chilli Ketchup Burger

Sweet Chilli Ketchup Burger, Lay The Table

My 11-year-old stepdaughter Daisy is a Heinz tomato ketchup addict. Shed have it on ice cream if Id let her. Shes also a spice lover and devours my curries (though I only give her the leftovers. Shes a kid needs to earn the right to first dibs). So when a very nice PR person called Georgia sent us a bottle of Heinzs newly-launched Sweet Chilli Ketchup, Daisy was on it like a tramp on chips. 

Personally, Im no ketchup fan, but this stuff was brilliant it really enhanced the homemade burgers I made for the kids (though it was too spicy for the eight and five-year-old, to be honest).

Anyway, putting some ketchup on a homemade burger hardly qualifies as a recipe, so consider it a review. It was good stuff and Im going to try it as an ingredient in a recipe soon.

Sweet Chilli Ketchup Burger, Lay The Table
Sweet Chilli Ketchup Burger, Lay The Table

¢ Looking back, I wish Id stuck a pair of googly eyes on the main picture. Begging for them dont you think?



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