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Honey pistachio muffins with chocolate cardomom eggless custard group closeup

Who needs cupcakes when you can have these tasty muffins – they’re all about substance and taste but definitely not the cupcake’s ugly sister.

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Bexy Bexy kebabs chicken mustard honey soy kebabs on the BBQ

So nice I had to name them twice. (Sorry Levi Roots!) These have long been a BBQ staple in my house. I remember the long lazy weekends after I graduated, sitting on Southsea Common with my friends eating these. They’re so easy to make, but they key to the flavour is the overnight marination.

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tangy sesame coated sausages

Served warm and sticky, these make a delicious Bonfire Night treat, or winter snack. The addition of ketchup gives the honey mustard glaze a little oomph.

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