The great cookie debate

Spongey cookies

Crazy news report! I’ve actually started to shift my butt off the sofa and started running. I’ve only done a few miles so far but considering I NEVER do exercise, it’s a step in the right direction. My thighs are not thanking me today though and everyone’s been asking why I’m hobbling around the office like an idiot.

Secondly, sometimes we all have baking fails. This wasn’t so much of complete error but more of a “trial and error”. I’ve seen these cookies in a shop and they tasted amazing. They were cherry bakewell flavour. And they tasted exactly like cherry bakewells. They were nice and chewy and absolutely divine. I just had to try and recreate them.

I searched for “soft cookie” recipes on the net and found one that seemed good. I thought I’d achieve the bakewell flavour using ground almonds and jam. I also sneaked in some dark chocolate bits I’d spotted in the cupboard. The chilled the mixture but it was just so sticky. When I baked the cookies, they came out like spongey cakes. They tasted nothing like a bakewell tart either. Don’t get me wrong, they were edible but they were far from what I wanted to achieve. And I didn’t have time to experiment more. Probably a good thing as I tend to think about these things whilst driving about, or in the shower and my brain is at peak creativity.

As I’ve got a free forthcoming weekend I’ll be able to play with the recipe more. I just wanted to share this photo composition of some of the food I ate out over the weekend whilst Mr LTT’s parents were up.

(Starting from top left going clockwise) Gajjar Halwa – it’s like a carrot pudding with milk powder and sweetened with sugar. It’s a amazing Indian dish and this is the third time I’ve had it and this one was from Mumtaz. Salami from our meat platter at the newly opened “Friends of Ham” bar in Leeds. Apple frangipane tart from Betty’s in Ilkley – a mini version of what I was trying to recreate last week when I had a fight with pastry. The cheese board from Friends of Ham. Breakfast rosti from Betty’s – I was still full from our dinner at Mumtaz but when in Rome (or in this case, Ilkley).

Will report back next week with baked goods I promise! But for now, do let me know, how do you like your cookies? Soft, hard, chewy? Or is it dependent on the filling/flavouring?


  1. Maria says

    I must say I don’t think cookies should be hard, otherwise they might as well be biscuits. The best cookies are always soft and chewy in the middle. Good luck with your experiment!

  2. says

    I love the idea of these, even if they didn’t turn out perfectly. Looking forward to your finessed recipe!
    As for cookies, I think they should be slightly crispy at the edge, soft and chewy in the middle, and nice and big!

  3. says

    I’m a pretty much devoted soft cookie fan. Chewy is as hard as I’ll get in texture preference. I probably don’t like crispy cookies because of the crumbs… I’m such a klutz that I’ll get them all ove myself.

  4. says

    I’m a huge fan of the soft and chewy cookie. The only thing that bothers me is that generally a soft and chewy cookie is overly sweet because all the sugar is what makes the cookie so soft and chewy. Good luck with finding your perfect cookie recipe.

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