**CLOSED** Win a Hotel Chocolat advent calendar + Hotel Chocolat Dark Christmas Collection review

I’ve loved Hotel Chocolat for a while. I had a particularly awesome boss a couple of jobs ago who bought all of our team a huge slab bar of HC for our Christmas gifts. It was a milk chocolate snowman with a mixed berry flavoured scarf. I saved that scarf for last, skillfully eating my way through the rest of the delicious chocolate. One of my best friends came round and I invited him to have some of said snowman and left the room. When I came back I saw him eating the last part of the scarf. I didn’t get to eat one bit of it. He is lucky he is still my friend.

Hotel Chocolat dark christmas collection

Luckily for me, Hotel Chocolat got in contact with me to ask if I’d like to review their Dark Christmas Collection. It’s full of lovely chocolates with a Christmas twist, and of course a few different festive tipples. My favourite is the Christmas Mess – fruity berry mousse with crushed meringue. Mr LTT was particularly taken with the Christmas Cake flavour with walnut praline, raisins, cranberries, cinnamon, orange and nutmeg. You’ll also find a cheeky snowball flavour, salted caramels and whisky toddy among other flavours.

Hotel Chocolat dark christmas box closed

I love Hotel Chocolat because it doesn’t have that bitter flavour that some dark chocolate has. It’s got a silky texture and some of the fillings have a vey boozy kick! The box is also stunning in gold with Christmas decorations and a bow – it’d make a great Christmas present for those hard to buy for people instead of a bottle of wine.

Onto the competition!

Win one of three Hotel Chocolat advent calendars

Hotel Chocolat advent calendars

Fancy winning an advent calendar? Well, because this would be a nice Christmas gift, I want you to leave a comment on this post saying what the crappiest Christmas gift you’ve received is. The prize is one of three advent calendars: milk chocolate, white chocolate, or truffles (for two!). If you win, you will be picked at random to win one of them because it would takes ages to try and sort it out otherwise! Keep an eye out in your inbox – ending this competition by 10pm on Wednesday 28th to make sure I get your calendar to you for the start of advent.

More info about Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendars

Terms & Conditions

  1. The “Win a Hotel Chocolat advent calendar” competition is open to UK residents including Channel Islands and Isle of Man.
  2. The competition will run from 22nd November 2012 to 10pm UK time on 28th November 2012.
  3. There are three prizes of a Hotel Chocolat advent calendar worth £12 (or &pound25; for the truffles for two).
  4. Three winners will be picked at random from the comments and contacted via email. By entering this competition, you agree to have your details passed to Hotel Chocolat for the purposes of sending the prize and to be included in any promotional materials they wish.
  5. If the winner does not reply via email within 10 days of being notified they have won, a new winner will be chosen.
  6. The judges decision is final and no correspondance will be entered into
  7. Only one entry per person. No bulk or third party entries. Any entries failing to comply will be immediately disqualified.
  8. The winner will be announced shortly after 28th November 2012.


  1. Rich Pemberton says

    Crappiest present I ever received was a figurine of a black singing nun. I still display it though. I got my sister back the following year by buying a truly dreadful 3D depiction of the last supper. It’s started a tradition. This year she’s getting a Barry from Eastenders clock…

  2. Claire Nelson says

    I received a single packet of handbag size tissues once. To this day I cannot fathom why as I did not have a cold at the time, do not suffer from allergies nor did I have any children who might require them.

  3. Tara Davies says

    A pair of slippers 3 sizes to big. I did attempt to wear them but they were extremely hazardous to my health ha ha

  4. Gul says

    Received a talcum powder & soap set – would not mind & don’t want to be ungrateful as a gift is a gift but I was only 17!!! Sure theres lots of useful thing a teenager can get as a gift!!

  5. Hannah Whitling says

    Lady teaser I had to ledge in the spare room of someone I knew but not all that welll. Got to know the family well and I see them as family. Last Christmas they got me a few bits, which was really kind of them, but some of the items were huge knickers, the sort older people usually wear. Not only were they huge but they also has a floral pattern that our more that of older peoples taste. Needless to say I didn’t wear them, not that I told the family, I put them in a charity bag that came through the door, they were in a sealed pack so easy to see they weren’t used. I’ve never been one for wanting underwear bought for me in general, let alone as a present.

  6. Jenny MIller says

    An idvidual size steamed pudding and a book that I had loaned her. The same person gave me an individual sized Christmas pud for my birthday in the January. Not as if i really need to eat puds too often either. lol

  7. Sonya Cisco says

    A pink velour make up brush set embossed with my name! It was ugly and never it used, and caused my brother years of hilarity!

  8. Sarah Berryman says

    A set of kitchen knives…. Granted, a very posh looking set, but a set of knives none the less. * sob!*

  9. aj says

    A couple of years ago my friend gave me a childs teething ring. I dont know if this was a joke or what, as my only child was four years old and my friend knew I can not have any more children for medical reasons, and my friends knows how upset I get with this fact.

  10. Herbert Appleby says

    When I was a boy I got a board game from the second hand shop called Totopoly. It was tatty and a rubbish game.

  11. Nia Roberts says

    A Microwave meat-browning dish. I’m vegetarian and I didn’t have a microwave. Apart from that, perfect!

  12. Judith Eddington says

    my dad bought me a lead once to connect my old cassette player to the radio. useful but a bit crap as a gift

  13. Joanna says

    A wally Ball set you attach a band around your waist with a basket ball hoop & ball attached. You then have to try and shoot goals by wiggling your hips- most embarassing!

  14. Bonnie King says

    My aunt bought me a set of moisturisers which I thought was lovely, until I used a bit and came out in a rash!
    Obviously I had to tell her that I loved them :)

  15. Caroline S says

    My mother-in-law is a lovely woman but she does insist on giving me terrible presents every year. Last year’s highlight was a hideous knitted book cover (? why you would even want such a thing I have no idea!) in the form of a 3D rendering of a robin sat atop a festive log. Hmm.

  16. Su williams says

    A pair of slippers 2 sizes too small that I couldn’t exchange because they’d been bought in the sales the year before