The photos that didn’t quite fit in anywhere else

Hello you! Hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a very happy New Year. I’m having a little R&R at home with my parents in Norfolk. I have no idea what day it is, I am eating constantly and having many slices of my mum’s excellent home cooked ham! I got on the scales on Christmas Eve and was horrified so I am avoiding them from now on!

I haven’t done an awful lot of cooking in the past few days but have been wanting to blog. I’ve had these pictures stored up and had intended to do posts for them, but to be honest I’d left it a bit long and then they didn’t quite fit in anywhere else. So here’s a little roundup of things I missed off the blog…

This is the only photo I took in Amsterdam, so I made it a good one! When I was there, I met up with these two lovely ladies I met whilst travelling – which was 4 years ago now! They told us where to go for great food and one of the recommendations was Moeders (Mothers). It was an amazing restaurant crammed with photos of people’s mothers old and new. And the food didn’t disappoint either. Me and my friend Kim ordered this Dutch rijstaffel which had lots of different slow cooked meats and veg. It was truly delicious and we were pretty stuffed afterwards!

Moders Amsterdam - dutch rijstaffel

The remaining photos in this post are dedicated to a night we went to called Stir it up which is based around the Leeds area and combines Indian street food and reggae music. I found out that the London based street food “Everybody Love Love The Jhal Muri Express” was coming and I had desperately wanted to try it. Angus who runs it is a fascinating guy – I found out about the Jhal Muri Express from a piece on Eat Street and found his piece captivating…watch the video below you’ll see what I mean. He makes the art of making jhal muri into a performance.

Here’s his stand at Stir It Up – he told me he brought it on the train all the way up to Leeds!

Jhal muri stand

Here’s Angus serving up jhal muri…

Angus from the jhal muri express

All the ingredients – puffed crunchy rice, indian spices, a little bit of onion, cumcumber, tangy tamarind sauce….sorry I think I just drooled a bit on my keyboard!

Jhal muri ingredients

It’s served in a cone – I really should have got a picture more inside the cone so you can see what it looks like. I think I will try and find Angus when I go to London next, it just tastes like nothing else I’ve ever eaten. Find out more about the Jhal Muri Express here.

Jhal muri in a cone

Another one of the street food stands is Mike from Indie Ices…he’d made a new flavour pistachio and saffron kulfi. Pistachio kulfi is one of my favourite desserts and with a hint of saffron it complemented it perfectly! Mike has won so many awards for his icecream, so if you ever get a try some do not miss out! You can find out more about Indie Ices on the website.

Indie ices pistachio and saffron


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