The diet starts…today

Diet Barbie with tape measure

I’ve been thinking I need to go on a little diet recently. The scoffing of homemade chocolate torsades I’ve been trying to make (and failing miserably) has finally caught up with me. I was awake early a couple of weekends ago and there was nothing to watch except Maury which is like Jerry Springer only with more bleeping out of swear words.

I did eventually manage to find something decent to watch on Current TV in the form of some weird and wonderful foods programme, and there was a show about a guy in the US on a raw food diet. On this diet you only eat food which hasn’t been heated over 45°C and you can have milk if you drink raw milk but no bread, pasta and potatoes. This guy reckoned he became so much more healthy because of the higher amount of vitamins in the uncooked meals. I asked on Twitter “should I go on a raw food diet as an experiment?” and lots of people told me yes! I started egging myself on and saying “yeah! yeah! You can do this!” and frantically looking for raw food recipes I could eat.

Upon investigating how I could eat anything except soup, salad and fruit shakes I realised quickly that I was pretty much unable to make anything without a dehydrator (sucks out moisture and warms gently). It’s really hard to find any sort of bread alternative or wraps because you’re supposed to make them fresh, but they take a day or so in the dehydrator and if you want to use sprouted beans in it they take a few days to sprout! It was all starting to seem like a bit too much effort for a diet I only want to be on for a maximum of two weeks.

So I’ve come to a compromise – I will eat fruity stuff for breakfast, have a raw-ish lunch and a healthy dinner where I will cut out carbohydrates as much as possible (I am a rice fiend!) so I’m replacing it with healthy vegetables. Well, I have sort of fallen at the first hurdle. I completely forgot about our PR agency coming into work today so I had to go and get food for the company lunch. I bought sandwiches with chorizo in, Kettle Chips and of course, cookies. I’ve also realised I may be getting some doughnut based snacks for review this week and come on! You can’t leave or they’ll go stale! So yes, you can see this is a big problem… I did however redeem myself with some mussels in white wine (70 calories) and some beansprouts, broccoli and green beans stir fried with soy sauce. Tomorrow I have blueberries and apples with fromage frais and agave syrup (only a little though!) and raw food gazpacho. I have dried fruit for snacks. I kinda think forcing myself to eat foods I don’t like will work too. I don’t really like raisins and sultanas so I don’t find myself scoffing a whole bag, thereby not eating so much. I’ve cut out cups of tea for the moment and seeing if I will stop the peaks and troughs of alertness. I have to admit I found myself flagging this afternoon – not sure whether this was due to lack of caffeine or overload of wheaty products at lunch.

I’ve weighed in at 9st 5lbs (without stripping down to grundies!) and I want to lose about 4lbs. Let’s see if eating more raw foods and cutting down the carbs will make any difference! I willl be blogging about some biscuits I need to review later this week, but don’t think I’ve been scoffing them this week!


  1. Cooking Fairy says

    This is the problem with being a food blogger….. you eat and bake and eat! haha! I share your pain. I am at the moment, embarking on a healthy eating plan…. 2 days in, and its going well. I also think it is so important to combine eating with working out/ doing lots of cardio. Good luck….. I’d be interested to hear what you come up with. I always love salads, with lemon/ lime juice used as a dressing. Also avacado! hmm!

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