Sweet dreams are made of cheese: Cashel Blue

I took a trip up to London last weekend, to say goodbye to a few friends before my big move up North and took to opportunity to re-visit Fortnum & Mason and have a look around their shop as I didn’t have time after our meal last time. The shop is pure wonderful and every London tourist should take the time to visit it. I had a hard time walking round as my jaw was permanently on the floor as I gazed in wonderment!

My highlight was the cheese counter which I shuffled around, looking at all the delicious varieties and trying to decide which one to get. I asked for a creamy blue stilton – one of my favourite types of cheese. The assistant suggested Cashel Blue and gave me a little bit to try. The intense creaminess made the cheese almost melt in my mouth and then the intense (but not over-ripe) taste backs up the stilton. It reminds me a lot of Isle of Wight Blue, which I bought in Newport last summer.

One of my favourite sandwiches is stilton, salami, spinach and red onion chutney, but this cheese is too special to mix up with other flavours – taste it on its own or I’ve tried it with a bacon sandwich! Yum!

Cashel Blue is an Irish stilton, made on a single farm in Tipperary. Find out more about Cashel Blue here.


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