Joe & Seph’s popcorn

Joe & Seph's popcorn

Mr LTT’s parents gave us this totally amazing hamper for Christmas and it had some of this popcorn from a company called Joe & Seph’s in. I was instantly taken with the branding, I can’t help it, it’s my day job to appreciate beautifully designed things! I found this amazing organic popcorn company called Quinn before Christmas, they’re based in the US. They’re a startup who got seed funding by people pledging maybe $1 or $2. I wondered why no-one was doing something similar in the UK. After all, my experience of popcorn pretty much amounts to stale popcorn from the cinema. And we don’t go to the cinema nowadays. There’s one less than a mile away but we haven’t been for over a year. I think it’s expensive (unless you go on Orange Wednesdays when it’s packed out) and the seats are uncomfortable. At home (although obviously we have to wait to see films) we get the best seats in the house, toilet breaks without missing the action and regular cups of tea.

So anyway, back to this popcorn…I have NEVER asked for PR samples before, it’s just not my style. But when I tasted the popcorn from the hamper and saw like HOW MANY AMAZING FLAVOURS THERE ARE (salty caramel, goat’s cheese and black pepper, smooth caramel and almond), I knew I would have to ask for a little Samply McSample. Mr Joe was nice enough to send me three flavours: Toffe apple and cinnamon, Valentine’s flavour caramel, white chocolate and strawberry, and mirin, soy and sesame flavour.

Joe & Seph's toffe apple and cinnamon popcorn

The popcorn is “the finest air popped corn” by the way. The toffee apple and cinnamon is a really good wintery flavour. Bags of flavour, loved the cinnamon notes mixed with a little bit of apple and a sugary toffee high…

Joe & Seph's toffe apple and cinnamon popcorn
Joe & Seph's caramel, white chocolate and strawberry popcorn

The caramel, white chocolate and strawberry is “seductively fruity” (according to the pack) and yes, I’d totally agree with that. The flavour was a lighter one, it reminded me of spring. The strawberry flavour mixed with the white chocolate was totally delicious. And because it’s a special Valentine’s popcorn, it does seem like quite a tempting option for the big day if you want to save a few pennies but still have a great foodie experience!

Joe & Seph's caramel, white chocolate and strawberry popcorn in a cup

Finally, for those without a crazy sweet tooth, there’s some great savoury options. I was SO GLAD I was sent the mirin, soya and sesame flavour. I think you probably know how much I love asian food since I talk about it QUITE A LOT. They’re like rice crackers on speed. There’s black and white sesame seeds on, and each taste made me want to pop another piece in my mouth. They’ve got that wonderful salty sweet flavour.

Joe & Seph's mirin, soy and sesame popcorn in a cup

So where can you get hold of these amazing popcorn delights? Well there’s quite a few stockists nationally, but the easiest way is to buy them online from Joe & Seph’s. You can get three pouches for £12 – shipping is free within the UK (BONUS) and they’ll also ship to Europe and the US!

PS Thanks Mr Joe for sending me the popcorn, you’re awesome


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