Joe and Seph’s Christmas popcorn

Joe and Seph's Christmas popcorn flavours

I’m sorry, but I am dropping the C-bomb. I honestly can’t believe that we’re nearly into November and I’ve got to start thinking about buying people Christmas presents already.

One great thing about Christmas is that you get all those great party foods and you can eat whatever you want even when you’re not feeling the slightest bit hungry. There’s also food companies doing special Christmas editions of things and Joe and Seph’s are no exception. I reviewed their amazing popcorn earlier this year (can’t believe that was January!) after trying it in a gift hamper from Mr LTT’s parents. They contacted me recently to ask if I wanted to try their new flavours mince pie and brandy butter…well who am I to say no?

Joe and Seph's mince pie popcorn

The mince pie is “caramel, brandy infused fruit and almond” and as soon as you open the bag you’re instantly transported into Christmas world. It’s exactly what you expect a mince pie to taste like plus you get little chewy caramelised dried fruit pieces on it which just taste gorgeous. It could honestly be mince pie or Christmas pudding flavour, either way the packet got opened and most of it has been dispensed into Mr LTT’s mouth with just a little bit left for me to try and write this review with.

Joe and Seph's Brandy Butter Popcorn

Next up is the brandy butter popcorn which is incredibly smooth in flavour – you get the initial caramel flavour coming through then you’re left with notes of the spanish brandy in it. It’s sweet and delicious and a great alternative to toffee popcorn if you’re looking for something bit different and fun. Of course, the best option is to get both the flavours and pop both in your mouth at the same time – you get the curranty flavours of the mince pie, mellowed and sweetened by the brandy butter popcorn – a taste sensation!

Joe and Seph’s popcorn is available through the Joe and Seph’s website, and now in Lakeland stores (hurrah!) and through some specialist farm shoppy type places (I found some at Doddington Hall near Lincoln of all places.


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    Oh, this looks so stupidly delicious… I’m going to have to get one of my friends to run to the Selfridges food hall, grab me a few bags and mail it out to Los Angeles for me!

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    I tried their Grilled Cheese and Jam flavour at Battersea food fair. Not my favourite of their flavours, but intriguing. They have some great flavours though don’t they – there was an amazing blue cheese one and I’ve just seen that they do a gingerbread flavour…swoon!

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