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I’ve seen HelloFresh popping up all over the food blog scene recently and was really pleased to be picked to try it. I’d honestly forgotten about it until reception at work called me and told me a package had arrived. Fortunately it all comes securely wrapped with disposable freezer packs and natural wool insulation to keep it cool until you get it in the fridge.

I received the “three meal box for two” which contains gorgeously photographed and printed recipe cards for the three meals you’re going to make, plus all the ingredients, including sauces and spices to make the dishes. The meals we had were Chinese roasted duck salad with orange hoisin dressing, XO chinese chicken with stir-fried sweetheart cabbage and ancient asparagus and prawn risotto.

Mr LTT said he wanted noodles with the duck (we’re not really salad for supper kind of people) so we swapped it out the salad. It was fairly simple to make although the kitchen did look like a bit of a bombsite afterwards. The recipe was really easy to follow although I spent a long time searching in our fridge for the second duck breast only to find that there was two in the pack (they were vacuum packed with skin to skin on the inside so it just looked like one duck breast). As with all my recent makings of course, the photos were taken on my phone, so I did take a photo of the dish but I no longer have it. It tasted good although the orange flavour was quite strong – I didn’t mind that.

Unfortunately I can’t comment on either of the other dishes as I didn’t make them. When I went to make the risotto I discovered that the prawn box polystyrene was cut open and the prawns had gone off inside. As I was away for the weekend, we tried to make the XO chicken on the Monday but the chicken, despite having an expiry date two days later smelt pretty high when I opened the box and therefore went straight in the bin.

A few other things I noticed: The box is £39 for three days which works out at £13 per meal and £6.50 per person per meal. Now you’ve got to bear in mind that the delivery is going to be pretty pricey on a heavy box so that’s going to be eating into a big part of the costs (because delivery is free by the way). But if I’m going to get my food delivered, I’d hope there’d be at least some better quality or an equivalent quality to what I buy normally. The tomatoes were very average and from Holland – British tomatoes are in season and beautifully sweet at the moment, especially the Piccolo variety. Also the chicken breasts weren’t free range – I try to eat free range as much as possible, we won’t even eat in Nando’s because they don’t have free range chicken. I think £6.50 per person per meal, there really needs to an improvement in the quality of the raw ingredients.

I can see there is a probably a demand for this kind of service – I remember my friend wanting to set one up in France. And there are people who perhaps are too busy to buy all the stuff but still want to eat decent meals. And they do say that you can get the meals ready in 30 mins. But really for an hour a week (at least that’s how long it takes me to do my supermarket shop for 4 or 5 days worth of food) I personally couldn’t justify the cost. Plus there’s a maximum of 5 day’s worth of food in the box, so you’re still going to need to go out and forage for another couple of days per week anyway.

Also with the packaging, there’s a lot of waste with the box, wool & freezer blocks. Yes, I guess the wool and box is recyclable, but the plastic bag style blocks had to be chucked for landfill. It all just seems like a bit… unnecessary.

You can find out more about Hello Fresh here.

Disclaimer: I was provided products from Hello Fresh free of charge bu was not compensated in any other way to write this post.

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