Sponsored post: Sensodyne Pronamel and healthy eating

Healthy eating with Sensodyne pronamel

It’s that time of year again when I am trying to cut down and slim down in preparation for this summer. I have a deadline this year (4 weeks now!) because I’m off to Sweden for Midsummer’s Eve when the Sun only sets for a matter of hours and there’s big celebrations.

When I think about dieting I always end up hungry so I put in my mind that I’m trying to eat healthier. I’ve swapped out more indulgent breakfasts for an apple or banana, I have more vegetables in my lunch and another piece of fruit afterwards and that usually keeps me ticking over until I get home from work. At home we always try to plan our meals and since getting into fish a bit more I’m happy to eat salmon, haddock and lots of prawns – all nice low fat choices! Whereas normally I have no qualms about piling my plate high with rice, noodles or potatoes I try and reduce their portion size and swap out for more vegetables too.

I thought I’d share a few great posts from other people’s blogs to get you in mind for healthy eating. They’ve helped me and I hope they help you too!

The one thing I find it hard to get into while being good and eating healthy is EXERCISE. The very thought of it bores me. I hate getting sweaty because it means I have to wash my hair all the time and I just haven’t found anything to get me hooked. I’ve noticed a few classes for Zumba and the like going on in our area so I think I might give them a try as I’m sure they’re going to be way more interesting than going for a run. Time to dig out my trainers from under the bed and get moving methinks! Have you got any tips/exercise vids/motivational words for me?

This post is sponsored by Sensodyne. They’ve got some excellent healthy eating recipes here.

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