Review: Biscuiteers

Biscuiteers box

Yummy yummy yummy it feels good in my tummy! That’s the only way I can describe these beautiful biscuits.

I’ve known about Biscuiteers for a while having learnt about them in various magazines articles and being naturally interested in such a specialist online business. I’d never bought a box because they’re more of a special treat that you buy someone else and I wasn’t sure they’d live up to their fame.

So when I got the email telling my I’d won a box from their newsletter competition, I jumped for joy! A couple of days later, the parcel arrived at work. My colleagues and I all admired the same level of quality in the presentation as we do for our products. The box was beautifully decorated with a a bakery motif, the inside wrapped with gorgeous bright pink wax paper. Each biscuit is “glued” onto the layer dividers with chocolate so they don’t break, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.

It says a lot that I’ve got to this point and haven’t even told you what the contents were like. I will get to that now. The biscuits are hand iced and beautifully. The designs are inventive and there’s many different ranges to choose from. My set was a Wimbledon one, featuring tiny little tennis balls, racquets, shoes, sunglasses and a scoreboard to name but a few! The variety was amazing and there were actually 3 layers of biscuits in the box!

Biscuiteers Wimbledon box layer

Now to the taste: As soon as crunched into one, I could taste the intense chocolatey taste I don’t think I’ve tasted in a biscuit for a long while (value Bourbons just don’t cut, and chocolate digestives don’t count because they’ve got a layer of chocolate on them) and they were lovely and crumbly to boot. I gave them a good dunking in my tea but didn’t manage to succeed in losing half my biscuit to the cup either.

Plus they use only natural ingredients so I felt slightly healthier indulging my sweet tooth.

Biscuiteers Wimbledon layer with trophies

Having tried these delectable delights I have no doubt that I’ll be buying them again as a present or you can subsitute them a card (they do a single one just for that!).

Prices are £37.50 for a box or £8.00 for a single one, but I absolutely promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

Yes, I definitely want some of those Biscuiteers biscuits »


  1. sophie says

    I initially found this online thought how amazing! So yesterday I ordered a cupcake to be delivered to my boyfriend (who works in a school) – paid for next day delivery – its now 16.16 still not delivered and obviously he has finished work – so disappointing :( I paid 6.95 for next day delivery and was not given option morning or afternoon deliver (which is usually an option) however did not think typically mine would be last on list to be delivered – this place should offer specific times delivery especially for a special occasion like today – so diappointed I could cry and probably be stale by tomorrow :((((

  2. Becs says

    Sophie, your complaint is probably best directed to Biscuiteers rather than leaving a comment on a 4 year old post.


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