Instagrammin’ – Banh Mi, Almost Famous Burgers and homemade cocktails

Just wanted to do a quick post about some photos I took last week! One was the Banh Mi sandwich I made with some home cooked gammon. I looked up the ingredients on Wikipedia and Chris Pople’s description here. The composition I chose was: rocket, chopped fresh coriander, chopped cashews (I didn’t have any peanuts), pickled salad (supposed to be pickled carrots but didn’t have any in the shop) and a good squeeze of sriracha on a freshly baked baguette. It was truly delicious!

Banh Mi vietnamese sandwich

This one is the Londoner cocktail from Domestic Sluttery. Since our trip to Chaophraya, we’ve become a bit obsessed with cocktails and it gave Mr Ltt a chance to try out his new cocktail shaker!

Londoner Cocktail

OK so we went to Manchester at the weekend, desperate not to miss out on Almost Famous burgers before it shut (we went on the last night, but if rumours are to be believed they will be reopening again in 6 weeks). We queued for 40 minutes outside and about another 15 inside trying to stinkeye someone into leaving their table. This was Triple Nom burger which was 2 burgers with shredded pork rib on top. It was truly AMAZING and well worth the wait. Every time I think about it I start drooling. I can still relive the taste it was that good. Next to it are trailer trash fries – pieces of onion, bbq sauce and a burgery mustardy mayonnaise sauce. We also had wings but they were a bit too saucy for us I think.

Almost Famous Burgers

Almost Famous cocktails – the darker one is a Wrong Island Iced Tea, the lighter one a Bitch Juice. We had two cocktails each. They were strong. I think it’s fair to say I was a bit sh*tfaced when I left which made for a fun journey back on the train.

Almost Famous Cocktails


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