Grated apple cinnamon rolls

Apple cinnamon buns composition

I love this time of year…it’s chilly enough to need a coat but not so cold you don’t want to be outside. There’s the smell of fireworks and wood fires in the air and I can safely resume onesies a majority of my time at home without fear of reproach. The ‘leccy blanket is also back on the bed, I love climbing into warm sheets!

Another great thing about the Autumn season is the harvest of apples and although we’re not lucky enough to have our own orchard here, there’s still a good variety of British apples for me to pick up in the shops. With this in mind, I wanted to make the most of eating the seasons and make something with apples. I’ve been thinking about a recipe I made a while ago – Jersey Black Butter Buns and I wanted to make them again, for what seems like a very silly reason. I love the dough. The dough oh! It’s so soft and silky. I love the way it feels in my hands.

Apple cinnamon buns pile

I’m very lucky that Kenwood has sent me one of their Kenwood Chef Titanium stand mixers with food processor and glass blender. You might remember I did a few posts with Kenwood for Christmas last year after which I donated my mixer to my mum whose own mixer had finally given up the ghost. I am very happy to get another one – there’s a whole load of things I’m intending to write about why I think it’s great mixer but I’m going to save that for a later post! For the dough making I used the K-Paddle and the dough hook and then for the filling I used the coarse grater on the food processor and the K-Paddle again for the filling.

Apple cinnamon bun single on a plate

{Makes 18 rolls}


For the dough – slightly adapted from Leila Lindholm’s A Piece Of Cake

  • 300ml full fat milk
  • 17g dried yeast
  • 135g caster sugar
  • ½tsp salt
  • 150g unsalted butter, room temp (really soft!)
  • 1 medium egg
  • 660g plain flour

For the filling

  • 2 British eating apples
  • 1tbsp lemon juice
  • 1tsp + 2tsp cinnamon
  • 170g unsalted butter, room temp
  • 100g light brown sugar
  • 1 medium egg
  • 4tbsp demerara sugar

For the icing

  • 80g icing sugar
  • 4tsp water


  1. Grease a large baking tray.
  2. Heat the milk for 40 seconds in the microwave – it needs to be just under 38°C/100°F.
  3. Pour the milk into the mixer bowl with the K-paddle attachment and stir in the yeast, then add sugar, salt, butter and egg.
  4. Add the flour bit by bit. When it’s mixed in, swap to the dough hook and knead on a medium speed for 3-4 minutes. The mixture takes on a beautiful silky texture when it’s ready.
  5. Remove the dough from the mixer and knead gently for a minute or so. You shouldn’t require any flour.
  6. Place the dough in a new bowl with a tea towel to cover and leave to rise for 60 – 90 minutes, it should double in size.
  7. Whilst the dough is proving, attach the food processor and using the coarse mixer grate the apples, skin on. Stir in the lemon juice and 1tsp cinnamon. Leave to infuse for 15 minutes.
  8. Clean the K-paddle and mix together the 2tsp cinnamon, butter and sugar on a medium speed for a couple of minutes. Then stir the apple through, ensuring that it’s fully coated with the butter mixture.
  9. Split the dough in half and roll out one piece to 30cm x 20cm. Spread half of the apple filling onto the dough, leaving a 2cm edge along the long side so you can seal the roll. Roll long edge to long edge and seal carefully, then make slices 3-4cm wide. Repeat with the other half of the dough
  10. Gently place them onto the tray, slightly apart, carefully reshaping if needed.
  11. Cover with a tea towel and leave to prove for another 45 minutes. Preheat oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas mark 6.
  12. Brush the tops with a beaten egg and sprinkle with demerara sugar, then place in the oven and bake for 12-15 minutes.
  13. Remove from the oven and cool on a wire rack. Mix the icing sugar and water then drizzle the apple cinnamon rolls with the icing whilst still warm.


  1. says

    I love cinnamon rolls and the addition of apple is such a great idea! I have a Kitchen AId Mixer which I adore – but how does the Kenwood compare? I’ve heard that they are absurdly powerful.

  2. Kathy says

    I recently gave my old faithful Kenwood to a friend and treated myself to another. I bought the Titanium Timer model after looking carefully at the Kenwoods and the Kitchen Aids.

    I’m not a fashion victim and was resolutely not seduced by the shape or colours of the Kitchen Aids – I’d have chosen a neutral colour in any case to insure against future kitchen redecoration so it wasn’t an issue. Besides which I like the workmanlike appearance of a metal looking finish and all the attachments available.

    The Kenwood looks so solid and professional next to the emaciated shape of the Kitchen Aid which I gather has a lot of plastic internal pieces. My last Kenwood was around 50 years old and is still going strong.

    The only thing I liked about the Kitchen Aid is the availability of the glass bowl and the vertical bowl handles. If Kenwood produced these the Major range would be perfect and I’d buy them as extras in a shot. I wrote to Kenwood asking if they would ever produce them but I got no response. As it is, I settled on the Kenwood anyway even though the bowl is not so easy to use.

    Originally owned by Ken Wood, the designer, the company is now owned by DeLonghi known for quality products.

    I think you’ll be more than happy with your Kenwood.


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