Oreo Chocolate Cake

Oreo Chocolate Cake recipe from Bourbonnatrix

I wanted to bring you a nice new recipe, but the cooking gods were not smiling upon me and I had a little “to do” with pastry. I’ll admit it was probably not the best idea to try and make pastry on one of the warmest days we’ve had this year but I think it was to do with the sweet pastry I was trying to make. It was just so brittle so when I came to lining the dish there was just no way it would wrap around the rolling pin. It fell into pieces. I tried twice with the same recipe and once with a basic shortcrust. The shortcrust worked out well but there wasn’t enough of it and I didn’t have enough butter or heart to try again. Hopefully I will bring you a lovely tart dish soon because I have a lovely rectangular tart tin I am dying to use!

OK, so the photo above is probably going to be the worst photo you’ll EVER see on this blog. That’s because it was taken with my old phone (you know the one I had before my new phone which I lost after 4 days of ownership). Luckily I had uploaded it to instagram because the memory card was lost with all my photos from the past, well, at least the past 2 years.

I hate losing photos, mostly because I have a bad memory and I need a visual reminder that I had a good time. I climbed Mount Sinai in Egypt 5 years ago. I hated every second of climbing that bloody mountain. It was steep, dangerous and I was stuck with my now-ex boyfriend. The whole point of going was to watch the sun rise over the desert, and that was a truly amazing sight. I had a panoramic image tool on the camera and got a 360 degree view from the top. I filled my memory card so put all the photos onto a CD. When we got back I realised the CD had cracked in the suitcase and I had lost all my photos. It was heart wrenching. So yes, I once climbed Mount Sinai, and I don’t have any evidence.

But I do have evidence, fortunately, that I made this cake. And it went down so well at work that my foodie colleague said it was the best cake I’d made so far. I had to make it for a Tuesday birthday for my boss, so made the sponge on the Sunday then made the buttercream on the Monday and sandwiched it together and piped the top just before I went to work on Tuesday. I foolishly stacked the cake layers on top of each other after baking (whilst storing) which I think squashed the bottom layer a little but it came out ok.

The recipe is from Boubonnatrix Bakes and I have to say that she provides great instructions on how to bake the cake (including weighing out the mixture into the pans which I usually do with my own cakes). The buttercream was also delicious and mixed well with that cake – it didn’t leave me feeling like I’d got Type II diabetes after one slice. It also looked really impressive as I made 3 layers instead of the 2 in her recipe and still had enough for quite a few cupcakes. I was actually really surprised at how much the mixture rose in the pan – but evenly so I was left with a flat surface to spread the buttercream on.

Definitely going to be trying a few more recipes from Bourbonnatrix now – this Oreo cake’s a great place to start!


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    Ughh I hate losing data, especially pictures! I’m actually quite paranoid about it. This cake looks delicious! I need to go out and buy some oreos…

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