Chocolate orange birthday bundt

Chocolate orange bundt birthday cake

I meant to get on to posting this earlier today but I got the baking buzz after carefully selecting what I want to/need to bake this weekend and popping to the supermarket early to avoid the aisle traffic. I also returned with 2 olive trees for outside our front door – we’ve been really wanting two bay trees but they’re pretty expensive so when I saw these for £18 I took them up on their kindly offer.

On my list this weekend is Steph from Clockwork Lemon’s Focaccia for a birthday (not mine) buffet at work – it was specifically requested by another foodie and awesome cake maker I work with. I’m also making for the second time Heston’s Lemon Tart for no particular reason other than I wanted to try making it again eating it again. The recipe’s wrong on their site by the way, you have to line the tart tin before you freeze it for 30 mins. I’m also making cake for my boss’ birthday on Tuesday – it’s my thing to make a cake for everyone and he said he’d like a chocolate cake, so I’m trying out this oreo chocolate cake from Bourbonnatrix Bakes.

So heck, I’ve been busy! I just wanted to show you this cake I made last week for another birthday at work. The request was a chocolate orange cake and did quite a lot of googling for different recipes and I came across this recipe for a chocolate orange bundt cake. I didn’t have a bundt ring so I popped into TK Maxx and picked one up for £6! I also found a square tart tin which I’ve been looking for for ages too. Can’t wait to use it.

The cake came out really well although it didn’t taste THAT orangey – I use fresh orange juice I squeezed myself, maybe I should’ve used orange juice. But it was nice all the same, quite dense just as a good bundt should be and the intended recipient loved it. I definitely want to try out some more bundt recipes – do leave me a comment below if you’ve got any suggestions!

Right, I’m off to cut a slice of this lemon tart. Must try not to eat it all before Mr LTT comes back from his weekend in London tomorrow!


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