Chocolate cake with cake pops

This is just a quick blog as I haven’t got round to posting this week yet. Loads of things to write about just not grabbed the images off the camera yet!

I made this chocolate cake a few weeks ago now and it’s fair to say it was a test of my perseverance. I used the Barefoot Contessa’s Beatty’s Chocolate Cake recipe which I read about on London Bakes. The first cake I made I got out of the oven and thought it was a little flat. On re-reading the instructions I realised I’ve left some of the raising agent off. I wasn’t happy so made another one and it turned out a lot better. Rather than waste the other cake I thought it could be put to good use be making cake pops.

Chocolate cake with cake pops

Now I’ve never made cake pops before so the first batch ended up falling off the sticks even though I chilled them for an hour. The second batch came out fine but I did chill them for a good couple of hours to make doubly sure. Then I realised my white chocolate wasn’t going to cover them well enough so had to resort to dark chocolate. By the time I’d finished I’d spent the whole day in the kitchen and it was too dark to photograph so got up early the next day to whip up the cream filling (sorry neighbours) and take a couple of pics – hence why they’re a bit crappy.

Cake pops on top of chocolate cake

A quick word about this recipe – I know everyone is raving about it, but I still think that Bourbonnatrix Bakes’ German Chocolate Cake is far superior. It was a lot more moist and I think that’s down to the fact it has less cocoa powder in it. I used a whole 250g box of cocoa powder in this recipe which seemed excessive and felt dried the cake out.

The cake pops themselves were really good – a very intense shot of cocoa. It definitely woke our Head of Creative up at work on a Monday morning! I only used half of the cake leftovers so I’ve still got some in the freezer to practice with at a later date.


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    That looks so cute! I’ve only made cake pops a few times but I find them to be super tedious.. normally I enjoy tedious baking tasks but not cake pops :(

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