Belated birthday cake – apple spiced cake

Apple spiced cake with brown swiss meringue icing

This is the belated birthday cake I made for myself at the weekend. I got the recipe from Martha Stewart’s website: Caramelised apple spice cake with brown sugar swiss meringue buttercream.

Does anyone have any tips for working with gas ovens? I swear using it made my task of baking this extravagant cake twice as hard! Plus I didn’t have the tin size they recommended either. Having scoured Morrisons for a 2″ deep cake tin I decided it’d be easier to use the tins I had and use a third, smaller tin and just trim the other sponges down. I ended up using 4 tins and the cake mix still overflowed onto the bottom of the oven.

The once I’d cleaned up the oven it was time to make my brown sugar swiss meringue buttercream. A little tip here, if you have a Kitchen Aid or other stand mixer, use it. I had to clean the kitchen up several times as the mixture went everywhere, even in one of my big heavy mixing bowls! Luckily I succeeded in making the swiss meringue buttercream which is supposed to be quite hard to make, really glad I spent a few pounds on the kitchen thermometer!

The finished result doesn’t really look like the pictures on Martha Stewart’s website – I found it really hard to smooth the buttercream around plus the texture of the buttercream was too bubbly. The problem was I’d make it the night before and then had to bring it to room temperature – I should’ve perhaps but the mixer on a slower speed to stop air bubbles getting in it. At least I’ll know for next time…

Never mind, the cake was pretty good in the end, I think the result was worth it! I believe birthday cakes should always have more effort put into them and I’m really glad I tested myself and rose to the challenge!

Recipe for Martha Stewart’s caramelized apple spice cake and also brown sugar swiss meringue buttercream.


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